“Aggregazioni R&S” announcement


Realizzazione di un sistema di monitoraggio e previsione dei flussi turistici in Valle d’Aosta che fornisca informazioni in tempo reale e previsioni accurate sugli arrivi e presenze nel territorio valdostano. L’utilizzo di telecamere e sensori nel rispetto assoluto della privacy, consente di ottenere flussi di dati ‘anonimizzati’. Attraverso l’uso di strumenti di machine learning e big data si misura la numerosità e classificare i visitatori in base alle loro caratteristiche e abitudini. Combinando queste informazioni con quelle meteo e dati storici, si fornisce una previsione accurata degli arrivi e presenze nel territorio valdostano.

Progetto finanziato da Regione Valle d’Aosta per 150.000,00 €

COVID-19 News – Production downtime

Dear Partner,

Due to the dramatic breakout of Covid-19 that Italy is facing, KRIA is forced to stop production of our devices until April 3, in compliance with the new restrictions imposed by the Italian Government on March 22, 2020.

This will cause some difficulties in managing ongoing orders and your requests during the next two weeks. We are always at your disposal to find the best solution to minimize the impact of this situation.

Furthermore, in order to adhere strongly to the #AloneTogether campaign, we implemented #smartworking for software development, commercial, administrative and remote assistance activities, continuing to guarantee support to our customers. In this period of great concern for our health, Kria wants to express its closeness by continuing to work with optimism, confident that in compliance with the measures taken, we will be able to face this challenge.

Contact us (mobile phone): +39 334 6673220

For Technical Assistance please contact: support@kria.biz

For Sales support please contact: sales@kria.biz

For Administrative matters please contact: info@kria.biz

Sure of your understanding and collaboration, we stay at your disposal for any need.

Best regards,

Ing. Stefano Arrighetti


CORONAVIRUS – Company Message

Dear Customers,

The time has come to inform you about the situation at the KRIA HQ.

Thanks to the use of smart working and assuming strict protocols in our premises, we can guarantee:

  1. First and second level maintenance service.
  2. Development of software components and applications.
  3. Updating of all systems connected to the Internet.
  4. Production and shipping of new and repaired devices.
  5. Sales and after-sales support staff.

All our employees are healthy. We have taken all corporate precautions and are ready to take further steps. We will keep you informed of the situation.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We wish you and your families good health.


Pic de Molèr: GEO Surveyor 2.0 test site

KRIA’s attendance to the Aosta Valley regional project called Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) has given a great push to the development of our GEO Surveyor 2.0 device specifically designed for landslides and avalanches monitoring.

Following the suggestion of the geological department called “Sezione Attività Geologiche” of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley, a prototype of our GEO Surveyor 2.0 device has been approved to be tested in the pilot site of Fontainemore in order to monitor the Pic de Molér side that rises above the small town of Lillianes. Other pilot sites on different sides of Monte Bianco mountain are still operating.

GEO Surveyor 2.0 is installed in Gressoney valley (Fontainemore locality), in order to monitor the Pic de Molèr slope.

The hundreds meters front of the Pic de Molér side with its huge and unsteady rock blocks has already been being monitored by the regional authorities. The electricity for the higher part of the Gressoney Valley, the Regional Road (unique communication route with Gressoney) and the houses within the town of Lillianes represent infrastructure and areas exposed to risk so that it was necessary to raise the monitoring level.

Pic de Molér slope from the internal camera of GEO Surveyor 2.0 [©KRIA]

Besides the new software functions and the complete hardware review, this device has the great news of the total energy independence. A battery pack that has to be buried in order to reduce temperature variations keeps the GEO Surveyor 2.0 device always operating; the batteries take energy from solar panels and wind. A charge controller balances the available energy sources providing the right energy quantity for the full operation of the device itself  and also keeping an appropriate charge level to the batteries.

The GEO Surveyor 2.0 device is also equipped with transmission systems based on IP technologies both wireless and wi-fi offering the maximum flexibility for the communications of the detected events. 

This system has been designed with very low dimensions so that it can be handled and installed without any specific machinery. Furthermore, considering the very small occupied area and its own power supply, installation can be easily replicated even in different contexts. 

The whole system GEO Surveyor 2.0, installed to monitor the Pic de Molér. [©KRIA]


A new European project by Aosta Valley for the GEO Surveyor 2.0

In 2018 KRIA found the perfect opportunity to develop the new GEO Surveyor 2.0: the call for participation at the Smart Specialization Strategy – S3 of Aosta Valley.

Thanks to the bid, we are accelerating in the research and development of the new GEO Surveyor 2.0. The final product will be very small, easy to install and easy to use.

The idea of “What you see is what you get” remains the same: thanks to the optical technology of GEO Surveyor, the outputs are immediate to interpretate!