Due to the positive response of the first GEO Surveyor, installed for the La Saxe rockfall monitoring, KRIA continued to develop the product. The new version of the GEO Surveyor is compact, autonomous and easy to install.


The italian face of Mont Blanc was the test site for the new GEO Surveyor. Here the device is monitoring a slope very far: 6,5 km from the device to the target. This is very interesting as a test-site, providing useful data to the KRIA R&D compartment.

Brenva rockfall correctly followed by GEO Surveyor algorithms at 6.5 km from the target

Despite the difficulties of the miniaturization, the Brenva test-site confirmed that this is the right direction!

In 2019, KRIA participated in the call for tenders “S3 – Smart Specialization Strategy, and the R&D compartment started to develop the official miniaturized version, with the novelty of a solar and wind energy kit, in addiction to new mechanical parts and software.

The first GEO Surveyor 2.0 is installed in Fontainemore (AO), in order to monitor the rockfall on the slope of Pic the Molèr.